Family Company World Hail Solutions

Specialized in Paintless Dent Removal during hail damage emergencies. (since 2013)


Our goal is to unburden Automotive related companies in vehicles affected by hail damage. In this case it concerns:

– Car dealers with customer vehicles
– Car dealers with affected storage areas for used and new vehicles
– Car body shops with customer vehicles
– Auto distribution companies with storage areas
– Car carriers
– Rental companies

WHS has National and International hail teams. WHS works exclusively with contractually determined hail specialists. These hail specialists are recognizable by a uniformity of repair and appearance. Hail specialists selected by WHS are highly qualified and trained with the latest technical developments in hail damage repair of cars. Gluing techniques in combination with blending are important techniques for hail damage repair. Especially when it comes to repairing aluminum body parts. Specialists of WHS also have knowledge of induction repair technology. Not unimportant when it comes to vehicles hit by heavy hail. The WHS hail teams also have their own disassembly specialists. WHS hail specialists repair thousands of vehicles affected by hail damage every year. With a hail calamity, WHS is fully operational within a few days, no matter which area in the world.

International catchment area